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Software Engineer - Backend

The Role

Alphablocks is a AI-First company that enables brands to be intelligence evolved at every step of their journey, innovating bigger than ever. We're crafting AI tools for teams of tomorrow by developing cutting-edge SaaS products powered by Generative AI & ML primarily focussing on e-commerce markets. We’re looking for someone who can bring substantial engineering experience, and passion for engineering, to our team. If you're creative, responsible, curious, and enjoy software databases, APIs & architectures, we'd love to connect with you!

Preferred Qualifications

To be ready to take on this role, you’ll need to have significant experience with:
Backend Systems: Building and maintaining highly available, scalable, and extendable backend systems.
API Development: Creating and managing REST and GraphQL APIs, ensuring efficient and scalable communication between different components.
Database and Microservices Architecture: Developing and maintaining multi-tenant databases and microservices backend architecture.
Programming Languages and Frameworks: Proficiency in Python, Django,Typescript, Node.js, Express.
Software Integrations: Experience with software integrations involving common e-commerce, productivity, and customer experience third-party enterprise APIs.
Scalable Applications: Developing scalable SaaS and AI-enabled applications.
Testing and Debugging: Strong skills in unit testing, integration testing, and debugging complex systems.
Version Control: Proficiency in using version control systems, particularly Git.
Cloud Services: Experience with deploying and managing applications on cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.
Security Best Practices: Implementing security best practices to protect data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
Agile Methodologies: Working within Agile development environments, participating in sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives.
Continuous Integration and Deployment: Setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines for automated testing, integration, and deployment.
As a testament to your attention to detail and to ensure you've thoroughly reviewed our desired qualifications, please start with the phrase "Beyond the Code" in the 'Additional Comments' section of our application form. This allows us to limit mass applications and differentiate genuine interest. Don’t meet every requirement? Apply anyway! At Alphablocks, we want to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, so if your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with this job description, we’d still love to hear from you.

If you're the right fit for this role, you'll:

1. Be the primary engineer fully responsible for maintaining & developing the infrastructure for our software platforms
2. Be responsible for scalable and stable Backend systems deployments
3. Be capable of leading a team of software engineers going through development cycles, milestones and roadmaps whilst actively collaborating across teams
4. Architect and implement complex features that push the boundaries of learning

What Alphablocks Offers:

At Alphablocks, we are anchored in the belief that the future unfolds in the steps we take today. A career with Alphablocks provided the possibility to redefine the e-commerce world, empowering teams across all industries and touching lives globally, by seamlessly integrating the innovations of tomorrow into the workflows of today. We offer a fast career development opportunity in an ever-evolving entrepreneurial environment. Our salaries are market based and we offer remote work as standard, with the freedom to manage your ways of working.

Our Tech Stack

TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Python, Django/Flask, Docker, Redux, Express,js, MySQL, Vector Database, GCP, Prisma, LLMs